Big Tex

Richmond Ave

Big Tex
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Bix Tex Storage in Richmond Ave

The project is located in Montrose area, the long span and the height provide in the drive way gives trucks as well as cars easy accessibility to the office, the elevator lobby and 1st floor corridors. The elevator is controlled with keypad only storage renters on upper floors can access the elevator. The lighting system is staggered on the sides of the corridors to well lite once its occupied. All large units are furnished with light fixtures. There are two stairs accessible from upper floors in one direction to exit the building on 1st floor. The height and size of the building makes the display area on both corners of the building visible on Richmond Ave.

The office is located on 1st floor and it’s accessible from the driveway, elevator lobby and corridors on 1st floor. The office and sales desk are designed by EAI.

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