West Gray

project details

Proguard West Gray Project

This project is located in midtown area – W. Gray Street, the massive size of the building makes it recognizable from several blocks. The building consist of 4 stories.

The driveway provides enough clearance for accessibility for trucks of different heights. Also, the driveway is easily accessible from W. Gray Street and Genesee Street and provides direct access to the elevator lobbies, self-storage corridors for 1st floor and the office. The sales desk is centered in the office space with accent color cloud dropped ceiling and security screens in the back wall. The office also provides slot walls, box cabinets and a coffee bar.

The exterior finish for the project is Stucco and vertical metal panels. The curtain wall window systems are used as display area located on both corners of the building facing W. Gray Street. Showing accent red color doors and spandrel panels running with the floor levels.

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