Shepherd Drive

project details

CubeSmart self storage building near downtown Houston

The project is located on a major commercial street “ Shephard Drive” The building is four story of more than xxx Self-Storage units. Security access though a gated driveway. The driveway has more parking spaces with sliding doors to access the elevators and 1st floor lobbies. The 1st floor consist of non-climate controlled Self Storage units on the exterior wall, those units provide easy access from the driveway.

All the interior units in 1st floor and the rest for the floors are climate controlled units.

The interior finish for the corridors are white metal panels and white rollup doors with white painted concrete slab that makes the corridors bright and pleasant.

The building has two story high driveway which makes it spacious and any truck can make it thought this clearance.

The display area showing the accent red color metal doors for the storage units, it represents the majority of façade facing Shepherd drive and it’s also visible for the traffic direction from several blocks on Shepherd drive since display area is located on the upper floors.

The office with the sales desk is located on 1st floor that is accessible from Shepherd Drive, The office is also provided with storefront window system on both sides facing Shepherd Drive and Nett St.

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